If You Fear Change, Leave it Here.

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Why fall is the best time to change.

There is truly something extraordinary about every turn of the globe. The glimmering stillness of winter. The dewey renewal of spring. The wild heat of summer. The brisk golden air of fall. The sparkling serenity of winter. With the dawn of each new season, we are brought face-to-face with the notion of change in perhaps its most natural and brilliant manifestations. Everytime the summer fades to fall, and the winter melts into spring, we are reminded that change is not only natural and eternal, but also inevitable. Often, these periods of change and transition in the external world are reflected by changes in our own lives, moods, and behaviors. Many times, it’s not a welcome feeling. Today, we are going to ask you to embrace it.

If you’re looking for a season that puts on the charm, Autumn is one which does not disappoint. Take one step outside on an early morning in October and you’ll be hooked. The glorious smell of the world on a crisp morning in mid-September. The way the world so gracefully erupts into regal shades of red, yellow and orange. The early morning sunlight which filters through the trees, bouncing off the leaves as if it’s sole purpose was to enhance their beauty.

But after the buzz of a few pumpkin spice lattes wears off, you may begin to notice some other things as well.  Like the fact that the days keep getting shorter. And that the world is getting colder. And darker. Next thing you know, you’re feeling more tired than usual. And more sluggish. Your motivation to be social has all but disappeared. And you've suddenly developed cravings for more sugar, more carbs, and more sleep.

No, it's not your imagination, and no, you're not "just lazy". Actually, as the amount of sunlight decreases, your body begins to produce significantly lower levels of certain hormones like serotonin and melatonin which play important roles in regulating your mood and sleep patterns. These changes can be discouraging, and the struggle it takes to get through these challenges make it oh-so tempting to curl up into a little ball and hibernate until the sun comes out again.

Here’s the thing: every change is accompanied by a choice. Every choice is accompanied by a change.

In much the same way that a tree must shed its leaves before to make room for the spring’s brilliant re-emergence of life, so must we shed the comfort of our past in order to make room for growth and advancement. In the same way, we can choose to embrace change in our lives; to no longer be afraid of the unknown, but rather to lean into it and be excited by its inherent possibilities. Remaining grateful for the experiences we're had without dwelling on the comfort we found in the the things we've come to know. It may not be our instinct, and it may not be comfortable, but it is a necessary part in the process of personal growth and renewal.

Welcome the adventure which lies in the days ahead...

We look forward to seeing your change.

- The POLARIS Team

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