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For too long our daily routines, relationships, and additional life stressors have been depriving us of true wellness – we have convinced ourselves that feeling “well-ish” is something that should be settled for. 

At Polaris Counseling & Consulting, we challenge you to re-frame the standards for your well-being. We dare you to discover the incredible things that you are capable of when you take responsibility for your health and are finally in charge of your life. 

At our office, you are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery with our team of psychotherapists and holistic health experts. We believe that you are capable and deserving of a life in which you feel betterlive better, and have the capacity to truly be better

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Polaris Presents:

The Depression Workbook

Depression can feel like a deep dark hole that can be difficult to escape. So often we have clients looking for tangible skills and take home work to help in-between sessions or to act as a booster-shot when symptoms begin. While our workbook isn’t a substitute for therapy and medication, you will have access to our pages that will help you identify facts vs feelings, take action, organize tasks, and track your mood.

The Depression Workbook Cover

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